I received my BFA in Product Design, a program heavily driven by empathy, problem solving, & craft. 
Along with my studies, I served as a teaching assistant for various courses, worked with Side Street Projects (a non-profit centered on teaching wood-working to young children), as well as interned with  jewelry brand Muses & Rebels and footwear brand LD Tuttle.
Below are some highlights of my projects & practices.

All the possibilities

The evolution of each identity

Zoetic (:of or relating to life : living, vital) is a product line of interchangeable footwear for the experimental fashionista. Driven by the idea that fashion changes with the current inspiration of the wearer, three identities (Zoey, Zoe, & Z) were created to encompass different styles. Prototypes were made with leather, vinyl, mesh, foam, 3-D printed plastic, & acrylic.
Waize (wall + organize) is a modular shelving & hanging system for the organized user who enjoys displaying their belongings. The individual shelves, made of various woods, can be mounted on a wall and then wire or rope can be strung through wherever the user desires.
Elegant dog feeder. Wall-mounted with a French cleat, the system can be adjusted to the ideal height for the dog breed. Prototype made of wood and plastic.
Interactive bar table. Inspired by the exposed joinery and embrace of natural materials via the Arts & Crafts movement, this bar table also includes a playful element of surprise.

Video of table in action

Conceptual Search & Rescue designs amid outbreaks.
When pet product meets fashion accessory. Kitty Fishing was one of my first projects that explored using fashion in an interactive way. The prototype, albeit rudimentary, was made of leather, jewelry findings, feathers, & pipe cleaners. It's a favorite for being both personal and playful.

3D renders
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